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CRITSEC Screen Shot
  • All security professionals will appreciate the converged CRITSEC® solution.
  • Converges IT/network and physical security at a system level
  • Owners and Operators of Plant/Facilities
  • Best practices IT/Network Security Compliance
  • Forensics-quality log management and auditing
  • Correlate/Control events from disparate systems
  • Can join existing Active Directory environments for easy integration


Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, CRITSEC allows you to accomplish tasks quickly with the simple click of a mouse. The application is designed in a business model with multiple layers allowing for multiple Administrators to manage the system and the ability to restrict access to "Administrative" sections of the application.

CRITSEC® is capable of converging the realms of Logical and Physical access control into a single solution. When a user is terminated, their permissions for both their computer logon as well as their access to the building can be terminated instantly.

With real time data and multiple alert options, you can better manage users. If it is restricting a user to a single computer to be allowed to login to, restrict access to a section of the building, it can all be easily done through a single interface.

Utilizing industry standards allows for CRITSEC to be installed into existing buildings while trying to incorporate as much of the existing infrastructure as possible making ROI easier. Being able to join an existing Active Directory environment means that you don’t need to migrate or redo work that may have cost you days of work. Because the application utilizes Active Directory permissions, any changes you make, such as delegation of a Organizational Unit, will be applied in the interface as well.


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